OnCore Clinical Trial Management System

OnCore Clinical Trial Management System

OnCore is Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) developed by Forte Research that is the most widely adopted among academic research universities nationwide. OnCore is a web-based CTMS providing users secure access from any location to record, manage and report on data associated with the operation of clinical trials. OnCore is managed by the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office.


How does MCW Use Oncore?

Previous methods of recording and tracking cancer protocol activity have been replaced by OnCore. OnCore strengthens research infrastructure; optimizes study management processes and workflows to enable study teams to more effectively and efficiently manage clinical trials both from operational and administrative standpoints.


What will OnCore do for me?

  • Protocol & Subject Life Cycle Management: Set up and track protocols, monitor accrual, report on study activity.
  • Subject Safety Management: Automated notifications for AE, SAE tracking, outside safety report tracking, IRB reporting.
  • Protocol & Subject Calendar Management: Calendars maintain study parameters including treatment administration, evaluations, and data collection schedules. Subject–specific calendars are automatically generated for subject visit tracking which drives the financial management functionality.
  • Study Financial Management: Life cycle financial management from documentation of coverage analysis, to budget negotiation, to tracking milestone payments, invoice creation, and payment reconciliation.
  • Study Information Portal: Provides up-to-date protocol information for community consumption.


What are the benefits of OnCore to a PI?

  • Secure, web-based system: Data, consent forms, study calendars, etc. can be accessed from any computer.
  • Easily answer questions, such as:
    • How many protocols are open to accrual?
    • How many subjects are on treatment?
    • What is my enrollment limit?

More Information

More Information

For questions, to learn more about OnCore, or to schedule training or a demo, contact Jo Bergholte.

Jo Bergholte
Enterprise Oncore Manager
Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Trials Office
(414) 805-6990 / Email